12 07 2012


Rare Yellow Lobster

12 06 2009

Radio & Records Magazine Turns Off The Presses!

3 06 2009

Many of us have stories revolving around Radio & Records Magazine which has announced that this Friday’s issue will be their  last. The R&R website has already sent the hamsters home and is redirecting people to the Billboard Magazine page. R&R magazine launched over thirty five years ago and focused on the Programming side of radio and, well, records.

My first issue of R&R was attained while living in Germany. I had become friends with a guy who worked for AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio & Television) and I convinced him to give me a tour of the studios one afternoon. I tried to act as nonchalant as possible while touring the facilities as this guy had NO IDEA that I was a radio groupie and was plotting my way into the industry. On the counter next to the old school board with round pot faders was an issue of R&R. I recall it looking so official with lots numbers and letters that read like a Top Secret military code.


What the hell were all of those numbers and codes and how could I crack them for a gig at a station? Who were these people deciding the fate of DJ’s and music? Why the HELL did this magazine have to cost hundreds of dollars for a subscription ensuring that I could never receive the magazine at home?

I spent the next few weeks combing every inch of that R&R Magazine and even built up enough nerve to call a station back in Florida that had an add posted for an opening. Imagine that, an actual job opening in radio? I know it seems like a thing of the past. I called the Program Director of WIRK in West Palm Beach and I’m sure he heard my nerves from across the Atlantic Ocean. Quickly, I was informed that they didn’t have an interest in my services but that I should look into training at Connecticut School of Broadcasting just up the road.

Here I sit about fifteen years later having just landed a great gig in Boston and to that I owe a small thanks to Radio & Records Magazine. Kudos to any of you that were awarded an R&R Personality of the Year award as it sadly just became a bit more exclusive.


National Programming

3 05 2009

Live from GracelandThis past week the nations largest radio broadcaster made public, their plans to move to “National Programming” at many of their radio stations around the country. Obviously, bringing in radio personalities from other markets has been happening for years but this news is fundamentally different, in regards to the music.

Here is how it works for stations with the same format.

Station A in NYC, Station B in Dallas, Station C in Miami, Station D in LA all play the exact same music at the exact same time with the exact same radio personalities prerecorded voice. So, if you were to drive between cities it would sound more like satellite radio, as they are using local stations as a national network with one show.

I’m not sure how this serves the local community needs, which is why the FCC controls radio licensing. Radio is required by law to serve its area of broadcast, I think. Sure, I hope that at some point down the road (if our company follows suit), that our show becomes one of the chosen few selected for the national programming BUT I’d much rather see radio get back to live and local 24/7.

You should read this blog and please support the advertisers who support radio stations that are live and local. Otherwise, we may hear Ryan Seacrest on every station, in every city, in every format and that’s just mean.


Kate Hudson Interview

7 01 2009
Kate Hudson was our first celebrity guest on my new radio station in Boston. Kate seems to be someone who, much like myself, could hold a conversation with a wall and someone who never met a stranger. As we started the interview, she asked us to hold for a moment because her dog was being a little loud. We ended up spending most of the conversation discussing man’s best friend. Her new movie “Bride Wars” opens this weekend.

Kate Hudson: Audio

I also kept my promise of not mentioning the fact that I had a severe childhood crush on her mother, Goldie Hawn.


Boston With a B

4 01 2009
Welcome To Boston!

Welcome To Boston!

My last post was December 16th 2008 and while on the calendar it was only three weeks, it felt more like three years. Not only did my wife and I move to New England for a new job with CBS Radio in Boston but we spent almost a week with family in Ocean City, Maryland (Ocean Pines, actually) for the holidays!

Stumbling around Boston has not been as difficult as we feared, mostly because of the GPS (Love This: Garmin Nuvi) we bought on the drive from Memphis to Massachusetts. Boston city streets, so I’m told, were once trails that farmers used to bring their livestock in to town for grazing. Thus, the roads are pretty haphazard in their layout. Forget trying to learn your way around using North, South, East & West. In fact, the roads system is so askew, you rarely go somewhere then return using the same route.

My wife has yet to drive since we arrived and that’s something that I think I’ll let her experience on her own.


Old Bit Tuesday: DeAngelo Williams Parody

16 12 2008

DeAngelo Williams Old House?

Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams was passed over by several teams in the NFL draft who are probably kicking themselves right now. Before he was drafted, DeAngelo came into our studios for an interview and said it didn’t matter which team picked him because he would simply back up his truck to his mobile home and move anywhere.

Old Bit Tuesday: Hard Out Here To Get Picked (Thanks Singing Phillip)